Eric Church vs. Tom Petty

Eric Church is just the latest country musician to respond to Tom Petty’s recent comments about modern country music. While on stage at a concert in New York earlier this year, Petty called modern country music “Bad rock with a fiddle.” Tom recently sat down with Rolling Stone to explain what he meant. Petty said, “I hate to generalize on a whole genre of music, but it does seem to be missing that magic element that it used to have.” Tom also said, “I don’t really see a George Jones or a Buck Owens or any anything that fresh coming up. I’m sure there must be somebody doing it, but most of that music reminds me of rock in the middle 80’s where it became incredibly generic and relied on videos.” In a recent interview with a Connecticut radio station, Church responded to Tom’s comments. Eric said, “I’m not sure how informed somebody like that would be; I don’t know how much Tom Petty listens to country music,” While Church says that everybody is entitled to their own opinion, he also thinks that categorizing an entire format was a little unfair. And Eric doesn’t agree with what Petty said about that the quality of country music getting worse either. Church shared, “I think at any point of time, in any music, there’s always stuff that’s good, there’s always stuff that’s bad. I think you can go back to even (Johnny) Cash and Waylon (Jennings)’ time, and even after that, there’s stuff that wasn’t great …I think in their era, it was a little hipper. It was a little cooler.”

CMA Hosts’ Package Deal

Brad Paisley says that hosting the CMA Awards each year has become a package deal like he wouldn’t be up for it if it didn’t involve hosting partner and friend Carrie Underwood. As Brad shares, both of them have talked about it: “We’ve both talked about that a little bit just that it feels great with the two of us and I can’t see hosting that show with somebody else, you know, I… there’s things that you can see yourself doing in the future with others artists but as far as that goes that really… that really works with the two of us we work so well together and we’ve figured it out. We’ve figured out who each other are I think and it’s a really fun important thing I really take this show very seriously and we go into it both of us work very hard to make sure this is unique and try to make it fun and entertaining and you want one or two of those moments that people talk about a year later.”


New Alabama Project

Toby Keith is just one of the many country superstars paying tribute and singing along with Country Music Hall of Famers Alabama as they release their Alabama & Friends album today in stores and online. Toby goes way back with the guys and was even “discovered” by Alabama’s original producer Harold Shedd back when he was running Mercury Records.  As Toby shares,he thinks the guys still haven’t gotten their due: “They asked a bunch of artists to come do some of their biggest songs and I did the song ‘She and I’ and great, great act even as big as they were I still feel like that um, they don’t get their due today as big an influence as they had coming into the eighties and setting country music on its ear.”

Keith Urban Tour

Keith Urban just recently announced the third leg of his “Light The Fuse Tour” which will play through January 2014. Keith’s shows feature new music, including his latest Top 5 hit “Little Bit Of Everything” and Urban shares that he gets quite a workout each night during his high octane show: “I love playing live. It’s what I really love to do, and we have a very high energy show and we run around everywhere. And it’s a decent length show, so I think that keeps me in really good shape.”