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Paisley Reacts To Tragedy & Tops Album Chart

When the bombs went off at the Boston Marathon on Monday, Brad Paisley was one of the first country stars to tweet about it praying for the victims of this senseless act of terror. Paisley is celebrating this week with news that his Wheelhouse album top the Top Country Albums chart with over 100,000 copies sold, but he still took time to comment on what happened in Boston: “It’s horrifying and I mean it’s the most cowardly act to put a bomb somewhere and run especially in a place full of civilians. That is really cowardly it’s really… It’s amazing that human beings are capable of these things but they are. And they’ll catch these guys I have no doubt about that. They’re gonna get ‘em.”

Sunday Nights Are Now Free For Faith Hill

Faith Hill took to her Facebook and Twitter accounts yesterday morning to announce that she would no longer be a part of NBC’s Sunday Night Football broadcast. The opening of SNF’s broadcast featured Hill singing her “Waiting All Day for Sunday Night,” set to the tune of Joan Jett’s hit song “I Hate Myself for Loving You” and the song had become a staple of the NFL’s Sunday night matchups. Faith said, “Amazing 2 have been part of SNF – an honor. I’ve just let everyone there know it’s time 2 let someone else rock the open. Difficult decision. Kinda emotional. Love all u guys at SNF – I’ll b watching!!!” There is still no word on who will replace Hill during the coveted SNF spot.

Jason Aldean Taking Some Time To Smell The Roses

Jason Aldean is at the top of his game in country music making most Entertainer ballots at award shows and selling out stadiums across the country on his “Night Train Tour.” As his latest single “1994″ sits in the Top 10 on the country charts this week, Aldean talks about enjoying his successes: “I think for a long time I didn’t…even when things were going well I didn’t enjoy the success I was having. Over the last couple of years I’ve tried to focus on that a little bit more because I’ve got everything in the world I could have ever wanted you know now and I wanna make sure that I enjoy that and not take it for granted ’cause it’s not always gonna be this way. And I hope at the end of it that I could look back and go, ‘You know what? I had a hell of a time while it was here’ and you know I enjoyed it and I didn’t do that early in my career and I kind of wish I had so, I’m trying to be better at it now.”

Lady Antebellum Stays At #1

Lady Antebellum sits on the top of the country charts this week with their latest single, “Downtown,” marking their seventh number-one single. The song is the first release from their forthcoming album, Golden, which will be available in stores and at all online retailers May 7.