7 Green Interior Car Care Tips

Making green changes to the way you care for your vehicle extends beyond the type of fuel you use or keeping your tires properly inflated. Modifications to the way you care for the interior can mean the difference between eco-friendly and not.
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Hip-Hop Superstar Showcases Custom Auto

Music stars and hot cars have long been an ideal match, and the newest partnership between Nelly and Mustang is no exception. The 2011 Mustang 5.0-liter V-8 is set to make its hip-hop debut alongside the Grammy Award-winning artist as part of his upcoming album's artwork. The album, set to launch this spring, will feature a tricked-out 2011 Mustang GT customized by DUB Magazine.
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Changes in Conventional Car Care Wisdom Help Your Bottom Line

Though we're only one full decade into the 21st century, the amount of change that has taken place in those 10 years is phenomenal. Whereas the Internet was largely seen as something to play with a decade ago, it now serves to pay our bills, stay in touch with friends and even order our movie tickets or meals.
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Relief for Ragged Rims

Stylish wheels have become standard equipment on a majority of today's cars and trucks. But, if your rims are scratched or damaged, their appearance can be embarrassing and bring down the value of your vehicle. Regardless of where you drive and how careful you are, wheel damage is hard to avoid. Your wheels can easily suffer dings and scratches from stones, road debris and potholes, as well as dulling, pitting and corrosion from car wash chemicals and the effects of weather.
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Add Length to Your Vehicle's Life

With the economy on the rebound after the country's worst financial times in decades, many a smart vehicle owner is looking to get more bang for their vehicle buck. In lieu of quick trade-ins, more and more vehicle owners are applying the lessons they learned from the recession to their vehicles and trying to make their purchases last longer.
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Minor Scratches a Major Headache for Car Owners

You just bought your car, and all of a sudden tiny scratches appear around the door handle. Or brush marks across the hood from the car wash. Or the rear lift gate is pocked with fine scratches from boxes, sports gear and grocery bags. These small scratches deliver big irritation -- and an even bigger ding to the vehicle value.
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