Auto Recovery 2010?

Automotive industry analysts say that a revival of sales in December 2009 point to a slow but sure auto market recovery for 2010. While figures are encouraging, sales will not rise to pre-recession levels, say experts.

Those who make their living by the automotive industry may find this year to be more promising than last. 2009 was a poor year for auto sales, and the economic climate helped seal the fate of many floundering auto models. Pontiac and Saturn were two notable casualties of the recession. According to Bloomberg reports, there may have been as few as 10.5 million auto sales across the industry in 2009, the lowest such figure since 1982.

A recovering auto market may be good for sellers but not as promising for buyers. That's because many of the 2009 sales incentives will be scaled back as sales continue to climb. Therefore, early 2010 may be the better time to purchase a new vehicle, with incentives starting to dissipate as the year progressess.

While there may be an increase in this year's sales, analysts are still cautious, saying it won't be a banner year. In fact, many say that 2010 will be good only if you compare it to dismal 2009 figures. Either way, it's still early to see how autos will fare in the new year, and there's still time to land a good deal on a new vehicle.

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