Hardwood Flooring Innovations

Nowadays, homeowners renovating their homes often look to wood flooring to replace existing floors. Hardwood is coveted by buyers, and its clean, inviting look makes it a neutral design element that goes with many different types of decor.

Today's hardwood flooring is not the hardwood of the past. There are many options from which to choose, including varied colors, types of wood, patterns, and inlays. In addition, innovations in sealants enable hardwood to be durable and hold up better against the daily grind.
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Must-Have Tools For the Outdoor Handyman (or Woman)

Spring has sprung for most areas of the country and the average homeowner's "honey-do" list likely has its share of outdoor landscaping tasks that need to be tackled. The right tools can make easier work of outdoor chores.
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Vented Sidelites

Homeowners can now let light and fresh air into their homes without sacrificing energy efficiency or style. Therma-Tru's vented sidelites (available in the Fiber-Classic Oak Collection and Smooth-Star product line) provides ventilation without the inconvenience and obstruction of storm doors or sliding screens.
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The Choice for a Home Air Filtration System

What homeowners are breathing in every day has the potential to harm their health. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, it's the air inside of the home, rather than the air outside, that may cause the most physical harm. Many people seek options to reduce the toxicity of indoor air through a filtration system.
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Bonus Appliances to Add Kitchen Appeal

Homeowners remodeling their kitchen can look beyond traditional appliances and add specialty tools that may save on space and upgrade room efficiency.

Not every kitchen is equipped with a trash compactor or wine cooler, but many homeowners are seeing the benefits of rethinking what appliances are included in their kitchen layouts and looking beyond the range or dishwasher.
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Homeowners Should Learn Sump Pump Basics

Water issues in a home are common and can result in many a sleepless night for homeowners. Leaks or damp conditions can lead to damage in a home and a large financial investment. Sump pumps are often part of an easy water management system.
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Things to Consider Before Buying a 3D Television

The latest craze in technology appears to be 3D televisions. Whereas 3D was once a novelty at the movies once or twice a year, nowadays 3D technology is rapidly becoming the norm at home and in the theater.

Select television networks have begun to broadcast in 3D, and consumers appear ready to embrace the next wave of television technology. But is 3D technology worth it for the average consumer? It helps to consider a few things before deciding if 3D should come to your living room any time soon.
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Furnace Problems Homeowners Can Solve

Homeowners rely on their furnace to provide a comfortable temperature inside the home. During the cold weather, the furnace might start to malfunction. The springtime is an ideal time of year to assess furnace troubles and make repairs because the warmer weather may not require constant furnace operation. Many of these repairs are easily tackled by the average homeowner.

Sometimes furnace issues don't require the services of a heating and cooling specialist. However, at any point during repairs a homeowner feels unsure of his or her work, a licensed, trained individual should be consulted.
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Ready Your Home For the Coming Allergy Season

With allergy season on the horizon, many people are preparing for all the sneezes and sniffles the season typically brings. For longtime allergy sufferers, the season is one they'd prefer to avoid. However, there are several ways to prepare for allergy season and ensure there's more time spent having fun in the spring sun than fending off pesky allergies.
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