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Planting Pointers
Successfully Plant Around Your Property

Spring is a season for rebirth, and for homeowners, that often means bringing their property back to life. Once the winter weather has subsided, it's time to head outside and take inventory of the landscape and see how the yard, trees, bushes, and shrubs fared after another long winter.

One of the best and most eco-friendly ways to bring your yard back to life is to plant around the property. Planting can be a soothing and enjoyable way to spend some time outdoors in the spring air, and it's not as difficult as it may seem. When planting around the home this spring, consider the following pointers.
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Spalling a Sign Replacement Is Needed

Crumbling or pitting of surfaces on bricks and concrete is called spalling, and chances are it means a repair or replacement project is in your future.

When concrete or brick become too soft and porous, it can absorb water and begin to crack, chip and cause pieces to break off. In most cases spalling occurs in small sections at a time, so it can be an easy repair project. But if spalling is widespread, it likely means replacement or resurfacing -- and that could involve hiring a professional mason.
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Ways to Reduce Moisture In the Home

Many homeowners worry about moisture in the home, which can lead to a slew of health ailments, including asthma or upper respiratory problems. After a long winter, homeowners concerned about moisture often look to solve problems that might have revealed themselves when the cold weather arrived.
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Restore Your Property Once Winter Weather Is Gone

Restoring a yard after a long winter is a springtime rite of passage for many homeowners. Harsh winds and heavy snow can take their toll on even the most beautiful landscape.

Spring is a homeowner's first chance to survey the damage and begin restoring the yard to where it was before all those strong winds and snowstorms. To get started on your yard this spring, consider the following tips.
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Keys to Fixing Wet Basements

A wet basement is something thousands of homeowners contend with but none look forward to fixing. Water entering the basement can be an expensive repair job, and it seems like few homes are impervious to water infiltration.
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Time-Saving Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning is a task most people tackle each and every year. Many projects are tailor made for the warmer weather. Here are some time-saving tips to conquer spring clutter and cleanup projects.
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Built Stronger to Last Longer

Building product manufacturers have come a long way over the past several decades when it comes to the creation of products for the home. Decades ago wood roofing shingles or wood millwork had a relatively short lifespan due to environmental conditions the products faced. In today's marketplace, homeowners can easily locate building products that have lifetime warranties and are constructed to withstand almost anything Mother Nature throws at them.
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Innovative Roofing Tiles Offer Beauty and Durability

In Italian, Bellaforte translates to "beautiful and strong." In America, many homeowners are discovering that the translation means the exact same thing -- especially when it comes to their polymer roofing tiles.
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Make Roofing Color Choices With Confidence Advice from Color Expert Kate Smith

Standard slate gray or bold terracotta? Solid brown or a blend of three warm brown tones? For some homeowners, the question of what color to cap off their homes is more challenging than the decision of what roofing product to use.
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Home Improvement Trend That Won't Break The Bank

Faux painting techniques are an economical and innovative way to transform any surface and can complement any decorating style. Dull concrete floors, both indoors and out, can be brought dramatically to life with a latex paint such as DRYLOK® Latex Concrete Floor Paint.
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