Home Decor

Cooking Surface for the Avid Foodie

More and more people are taking cooking and baking into their own hands and equipping their kitchens with the necessities for churning out quality meals.

Possibly spurred on by the growing number of DIY cooking shows on television, individuals are experimenting with lavish cakes, cookies and other culinary treats. They want their kitchens to offer the amenities that will enable them to whip up delicious food items.
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Carpet Options Abound For Floor-Focused Homeowners

Shopping for carpeting? It's not simply a matter of going into the store and just choosing "carpet." There are many different varieties of carpeting from which to select, each with its own unique characteristics. Depending on the room's use and the homeowner's needs, there could be a carpet that fits with what's desired.
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Protecting Hardwood Floors

Roughly half of all homes have hardwood flooring, and industry professionals suspect more and more homeowners are looking to hardwood flooring for their homes.
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4 Once Popular Trends Losing Favor Among Homeowners

Housing trends come and go. Just think of those avocado-colored stoves from the 1970s or the formica bedroom sets of the 1980s. The woodburning fireplace was a must-have home accessory in the early 1990s, but now it is losing ground to pellet stoves and greener options. Here are a few other housing trends that are going out of style and making room for newer designs.
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Available Alternatives to Granite Countertops

Granite has proven a popular choice for kitchen renovations over the last several years. But concern about the potential health implications of granite, not to mention cost and maintenance, is causing many homeowners to reconsider granite for countertops and backsplashes.
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Four Simple Rules for Perfect Exterior Painting

If you want professional-looking results when painting exterior wood, approach the project as if you were a professional painting contractor. That means following four simple rules that come second nature to experienced painters, says Debbie Zimmer, spokesperson for the Paint Quality Institute.
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Big Box Not Necessarily Best Bet

When buying anything from furniture to electronics, consumers are often inclined to turn to their nearby big box store as a first stop in comparison shopping. Although big box retailers do offer competitive prices, they may not be the best option for consumers trying to stay on budget or close to it. Boutique shops, local merchants and independent online retailers, such as StudentMarket.com, an established retailer of budget-approved furniture and home goods, often offer competitive prices and better overall service than bigger chains.
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Window Safety Tips

How often should family fire drills be held? What type of glass should you have in windows to help prevent noise penetration and discourage intruders? The experts at Simonton Windows® offer fast tips for staying safe in your home and enjoying your windows.
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New Curb Appeal Products for 2011

Ready to spruce up your home's exterior this year? Several recently introduced products are designed to add curb appeal to your house while making maintenance hassles disappear.

Start by looking at the top of your home. If your roof appears old and dingy, or if it's leaking or wearing thin, then it's time to research options for a roof replacement. Start by considering synthetic slate or shake tiles by DaVinci Roofscapes (www.davinciroofscapes.com). The company offers 49 roof colors along with 28 standard color blends. Recently-hired national color expert Kate Smith is available to assist homeowners in deciding what color roof to install on homes.
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Basement Versatility

These days every inch of space in the home counts. So, when considering building a new home, it makes sense to consider building both "up and down" to maximize your living space.

"Basements are like 'found space' in the home because they're so versatile that you can make a well-built basement an extension of your living areas," says Jim Costello, president of Superior Walls. "To maximize basement space, it's critical to construct the area below ground with a pre-cast insulated foundation system that's energy-efficient and damp free. This way the basement area is a welcoming, active part of the home rather than a 'dump all' storage area."
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From Bland Backyard to Beautiful Vacation Destination

The best vacations lift us out of the frenzy of our lives, whisking us off to faraway places that relax and rejuvenate us.

Yet a great vacation can also be a great financial strain as well -- and really, how relaxing is that? Especially since once the trip is over, there's typically little to show for all the expense beyond a few snapshots you can post on Facebook.
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