Innovative Roofing Tiles Offer Beauty and Durability

In Italian, Bellaforte translates to "beautiful and strong." In America, many homeowners are discovering that the translation means the exact same thing -- especially when it comes to their polymer roofing tiles.

"We looked into many options when deciding to replace the asphalt shingle roof on our home," says Kathy Bradshaw, an Oklahoma homeowner. "Our research brought us to DaVinci Roofscapes. The Bellaforte roof that's now on our house is absolutely beautiful -- it's the icing on the cake for our 3,800-square foot ranch-style home."

Bradshaws' decision to have the synthetic roofing tile installed on her home has impacted both her pocketbook and the neighborhood in a positive way. "Because these tiles are fire resistant and can stand up to severe weather conditions, we're able to save on our homeowners insurance," says Bradshaw. "And, our neighbors were so impressed with the look and quality of our roof that they've had Bellaforte synthetic tiles installed on their home."

The cost-effective, high performance roofing tiles are gaining in popularity due to their eco-friendly structure and ability to add both beauty and value to the home. Designed to complement a wide variety of architectural home styles, Bellaforte tiles include a 50-year warranty. The patented snap-fit, self-locating roofing tiles feature a built-in rain gutter. Ideal for all types of weather situations, the 12-inch synthetic slate roofing tiles have achieved some of the strictest testing ratings in the country, including the Miami Dade Notice of Acceptance (NOA) and Florida Building Code (FBC) qualifications.

Available in slate black and slate gray, along with six different blended color combinations, Bellaforte tiles use 20 percent less material than traditional synthetic and natural slate shingles, saving resources and reducing the tile weight. A square of Bellaforte roofing tile weighs just 185 pounds, helping reduce both installation time and landfill load due to reduced construction waste.

DaVinci also offers polymer slate and shake roofing tiles featuring the largest color selection in the industry with a total of 49 colors and 28 standard color blends. Homeowners can visit to use the Color Design tool to view the standard color blends or create their own custom color blends.