Ways to Reduce Moisture In the Home

Many homeowners worry about moisture in the home, which can lead to a slew of health ailments, including asthma or upper respiratory problems. After a long winter, homeowners concerned about moisture often look to solve problems that might have revealed themselves when the cold weather arrived.

In addition to health concerns, moisture can also negatively impact the value of the home. Mold growth and pest infestation are common side effects of excess moisture, neither of which is attractive to prospective buyers. To combat moisture in the home, homeowners should consider the following tips.

* Fix plumbing leaks. Plumbing leaks are often evident to the naked eye, as most occur at the fixtures. Check to be sure leaky toilets aren't contributing to mold growth in the bathroom.

* Check the windows for leaks. The winter months often reveal leaky windows, which should be repaired once spring begins to avoid excess moisture that can result from spring rains.

* Reduce internal moisture sources. Moisture is not caused solely by external sources like rain or groundwater. Inspect the washing machine to determine if there are any leaks that are making the home less healthy and hurting its value.

* Install an exhaust fan in the bathroom if there's not one already. Without an effective exhaust fan, a bathroom is much more susceptible to mold growth. When installing an exhaust fan, be sure it's vented to the exterior of the building and not elsewhere inside the home, such as an attic or crawl space.

* Point rainspouts away from the home. Be sure the downspouts are directing rainwater away from the home's foundation. In addition, carefully clean out gutters in the spring and make sure they're securely intact to reduce the likelihood of water damage.

* Address any ventilation issues. Ventilation helps add or remove humidity, helping homeowners steer clear of moisture problems. If any ventilation concerns arose over the winter, make those issues a priority once spring cleaning and maintenance begins.