4 Once Popular Trends Losing Favor Among Homeowners

Housing trends come and go. Just think of those avocado-colored stoves from the 1970s or the formica bedroom sets of the 1980s. The woodburning fireplace was a must-have home accessory in the early 1990s, but now it is losing ground to pellet stoves and greener options. Here are a few other housing trends that are going out of style and making room for newer designs.

1. Kitchen desks: What used to be all the rage a few years back are now being passed over for larger desks in family rooms or bedrooms. Kitchen desks tend to be small and are more likely to collect clutter than provide a viable working space.

2. Carpeting: Although a little over half of all homes still have carpeting, wood floors, tiles and vinyl products are gaining ground over the once staple of interior design.

3. Skylights: The once desired windows on roofs have continued to decline in popularity. Many new home manufacturers have nixed skylights from their designs. Improperly installed skylights tend to leak and can be maintenance nightmares.

4. Living rooms: Homeowners who do not desire a formal living space are eschewing living rooms for all-purpose rooms that provide a better place for the family to gather. If a person prefers the TV be separate from a sitting area, then two distinct rooms still may be needed.