Cooking Surface for the Avid Foodie

More and more people are taking cooking and baking into their own hands and equipping their kitchens with the necessities for churning out quality meals.
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Planting Pointers
Successfully Plant Around Your Property

Spring is a season for rebirth, and for homeowners, that often means bringing their property back to life. » Read More

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Things to Consider Before Buying a 3D Television

The latest craze in technology appears to be 3D televisions. Whereas 3D was once a novelty at the movies once or twice a year, nowadays 3D technology is rapidly becoming the norm at home and in the theater.

Select television networks have begun to broadcast in 3D, and consumers appear ready to embrace the next wave of television technology. But is 3D technology worth it for the average consumer? It helps to consider a few things before deciding if 3D should come to your living room any time soon.
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