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Trimming Down in Time for Beach Season

For many people, summer is all about the beach. Whether you live near an ocean or do your weekend beach getaways at a nearby lake, you probably have one thing on your mind when you hit the sand: soaking up some sun, and looking good while you do it.
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Television Personality Offers Secrets to Successful Crafting

People ask me, "What are your secrets to successful crafting?" And I say, "Jump off the creative cliff! Dive in! Get dirty! Go for it! Stop worrying about it and just DO it!" People worry that it won't be perfect. But it will. It will be 'perfectly imperfect' and that is a perfect expression of your creativity. Creativity doesn't come in a box. You can't be creative in a box. People say, "But my version doesn't look like yours.'" And I say, "Good! It needs to emerge from your enjoying the process of making something."
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Bass Angler -- Fishing Tip

This month's Bass fishing tip is sponsored by BASSIN' magazine and comes courtesy of Logan M.H. Sebela, Elgin, Illinois.

"If you're like most anglers and are constantly looking to try something new or add something to your other lures, here's a good idea to cause a lot of commotion at your next hotspot.
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Beachside Bather

Heading to the beach with an infant or toddler in tow? Make sure that little guy or girl is protected from the sun and surf and easily supervised. The beach -- complete with sand and waves -- can be awe inspiring, but also a little overwhelming for some youngsters. Instead of facing a meltdown, bring along a small inflatable baby pool that can be set up surfside.
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Make Sure Summer Fun is Safe

The warm weather is here and that means plenty of outdoor excursions and activities. Whether your plans involve trips to the beach, park, forest or simply your own backyard, make sure safety is a priority.

Get the most out of your favorite outdoor activities with these precautionary tips, courtesy of GHI Insurance company.
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