Explore Prom Origins

High school seniors are getting ready to don their evening attire, climb into stretch limousines and head to gymnasiums across the country, which have been magically transformed into classy reception sites thanks to crepe paper and mood lighting. Today's proms are lavish events, with price tags in the thousands. However, proms were much simpler in the past and not as widespread, nor were they considered the rites of passage they are today.
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Don't Make Your Prom Souvenir a High Credit Card Bill
7 Tips to Spend Less for Prom

Cutting spending for prom night can be one of the first major financial lessons prospective high-school graduates learn before leaving for college. Many students plan to spend $1000 or more to mark their final party before graduation, but an equal number prefer to reign in spending associated with prom.
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Can't Attend Prom ... Watch a Movie Instead

Prom is a rite of passage for many teenagers and has become common fodder for coming-of-age movies through the years.

With so many films taking their cinematic turn at portraying prom and graduation, there's a host of movies from which to choose. Whether you want to get into the prom spirit or choose to forgo the festivities and enjoy a movie night at home, consider these popular choices.
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Prom Shoe Alternatives

Every girl wants to look her best on prom night, and that generally means wearing an extravagant dress and heels. However, chances are after a few turns around the dance floor, those heels will begin to hurt. Throbbing, blistered feet do not a happy prom make.
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Shop Now for Prom Fashions

Whether you already have a date in mind for prom or anticipate being asked in the weeks to come, it's never too early to shop for your prom dress. Few individuals will be able to wear a dress off the rack and have it look beautiful.
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Prom Night Essentials

Prom night is an opportunity to enjoy yourself and celebrate the friendships you have made over the last four years. Rather than feel stressed on prom night, you should be ready to kick back and relax. In order to do so, consider a little pre-prom planning.

It's easy to leave the house without something you need on prom night. You're excited; you may be rushing around. It's likely you are also a bit nervous. Using this checklist can keep you organized and ensure you have what you need for a great night.
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Did You Know?

The process of becoming prom queen or king varies from school to school, but generally individuals need to be nominated to be in the running.
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