Make Graduation a Success

Graduation ceremonies can be torturous or memorable. If you are a school administrator or teacher in charge of organizing this year's graduation festivities, follow these dos and don'ts for success.

DO make it all about the kids. Put the focus on the students' achievements and how they've grown. Now is not the time to honor faculty or talk about how the school has evolved.
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How to Wear a Graduation Cap and Tassel

There are a few rules for graduates to follow as they don their graduation ceremony attire.
Most schools require a cap and gown to be worn at the commencement ceremony, but many graduates struggle with the correct way to wear their cap and tassel.
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Announce Your Accomplishments

Graduation is a momentous time and one you want to share with as many people as possible. Although many schools limit the number of people who can attend commencement ceremonies, graduates do not have to be limited in the number of people with whom they share the news.
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Tips for Retooling a Resume

For many people, 2009 will not be a year that's fondly recalled in their golden years. By mid-year, the nation's unemployment rate had exceeded 9 percent, with hundreds of thousands of people finding themselves out of work.

As difficult as the year has been thus far, financial forecasters have begun to report encouraging signs that the economy has started to rebound. For the scores of people out of work, that's encouraging news and an indicator that it's time to revisit their resume.
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Memorable Graduation Commencement Speeches

A little humor can often make graduation speeches enjoyable, memorable and quite entertaining. Many times major universities will rely on celebrity comedians or other individuals to add some laughter to commencement day. Here are some humorous quotes from speeches throughout the years.
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