Prom Shoe Alternatives

Every girl wants to look her best on prom night, and that generally means wearing an extravagant dress and heels. However, chances are after a few turns around the dance floor, those heels will begin to hurt. Throbbing, blistered feet do not a happy prom make.

Instead of suffering the entire night, consider wearing flats to the prom. Generally you will be more comfortable. However, if you desire to wear heels but don't want to suffer with sore feet, consider these tips.

- A low, wide heel may be more comfortable and stable than a thin heel.

- Be sure to wear nylons, which will prevent extra friction from shoes on bare feet.

- Think about buying the heels in a size one half larger than you normally wear. This way as your feet swell from standing and dancing, the shoes will remain comfortable.

- Open-toe shoes could give you a little more wiggle room.

- Bring a change of shoes along to rest your feet. These can be ballet slippers or flip-flops. This way you don't have to go barefoot.

- Rest your feet frequently by sitting down and elevating them, if possible.

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