Make Graduation a Success

Graduation ceremonies can be torturous or memorable. If you are a school administrator or teacher in charge of organizing this year's graduation festivities, follow these dos and don'ts for success.
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Announce Your Accomplishments

For many people, 2009 will not be a year that's fondly recalled in their golden years. By mid-year, the nation's unemployment rate had exceeded 9 percent, with hundreds of thousands of people finding themselves out of work.
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Prom Night Essentials

Prom night is an opportunity to enjoy yourself and celebrate the friendships you have made over the last four years. Rather than feel stressed on prom night, you should be ready to kick back and relax. In order to do so, consider a little pre-prom planning.

It's easy to leave the house without something you need on prom night. You're excited; you may be rushing around. It's likely you are also a bit nervous. Using this checklist can keep you organized and ensure you have what you need for a great night.
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