Things to Consider When Deciding to Invest Again

For many people, the coming new year will be welcomed with open arms. That's because 2009 is a year most people will never forget, and that memory will, in most cases, not be terribly positive.

As 2009 draws to a close, however, reports of a likely economic rejuvenation in 2010 continue to grow, and that's good news for families who have stuck it out through tough times many never saw coming. But before diving back into the investment game, families should consider the following tips to help make the most of their money in an economy that's not necessarily guaranteed to recover.
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Different Options Available at the Local Bank

In light of the economic downturn of 2009, many people are paying closer attention to their money. Whether controlling their own investments, reducing the amount invested or simply monitoring the nation's financial ups and downs more closely, concerned citizens across the country have begun to take a more involved role in their financial futures.
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Did You Know?

Inlicensing is a partnership that develops between two companies with shared intentions or goals. Though business is often characterized as cutthroat, inclicensing sheds light on the often exorbitant costs of product research and development and the solutions to meeting those costs with the use of a partner. Many instances of inlicensing occur within the pharmaceutical industry, where the research into new drugs can often cost substantial amounts of money.
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Real Estate Investments Depend on Host of Variables

"For Sale" signs have become one of the more common sights in neighborhoods across the country over the last year. As the economy struggled, many homeowners found themselves facing foreclosure or looking to sell homes they could no longer afford.

Some people, however, have taken advantage of the sagging real estate market and chosen to buy low, with the idea that the property value will be restored once the economy is restored. While that's a sound investment strategy, there's more to consider when investing in real estate in the current economy, especially for those who are new to the real estate investment game.
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Money Management Tips for Parents and Kids

Thanks in large part to the recession, more and more kids are asking their parents about money. Because the economy has made an impact in nearly every aspect of daily life, many kids are curious as to what's going on with money.

That curiosity has created a great avenue for parents to teach kids valuable lessons about money. The following tips can help parents instill a sense of financial responsibility in their children while also helping them better understand the economy.
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Buying in a Bad Economy

When historians one day reflect on 2009, comparisons to the Great Depression and the market crash in late October 1929 will no doubt be made. Though politicians and pundits have remained wary of the "D" word, many have admitted the country is in its greatest recession in decades, if not its worst downturn since the worldwide economic downturn of the 1930s.
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