Landscaping Tips

Create a Tranquil Feature With a Koi Pond

Dig a hole, fill it with water and watch your koi grow. That's the secret to your koi pond, right? Actually, much like a pool or indoor aquarium, koi require some work. In fact, koi are quite sensitive fish that require a carefully maintained environment for optimal health.

Koi are colorful fish that go by the name nishikigoi in Japanese. They are a specially bred form of carp, not oversized goldfish, enjoyed for their vivid coloring. In the 19th century, Japanese farmers began breeding decorative carp, selecting brightly colored specimens to ornament gardens in luxurious fish pools.
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Beautify Your Landscape With Pergolas

Pergolas, or archways in a yard or park made of a framework covered with trained climbing or trailing plants, have become a landscaping style of choice for discerning homeowners. Pergolas can take many shapes. However, the wooden structures of today, with thick crossbeams and massive height, have grown in popularity.
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What Type of Tree Is That in the Yard?

Though it might have been common knowledge back in grade school, there's a good chance you might have forgotten what kind of tree that is outside your kitchen window. Even those with a green thumb might not remember the differences between types of trees. For those who need a cheat sheet, the following is a breakdown of the some of the more common types of trees you might have around your property.
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Pruning Tips for Trees and Shrubs

Homeowners typically spend lots of time caring for their property. Be it a modest ranch house or a mansion on top of a hill, a home's outside appearance is often a point of pride for homeowners.
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Revitalize Your Lawn After a Long Winter

Every spring, homeowners head outside to take stock of how the winter treated their lawn. Homeowners in areas that experience heavy snow or rainfall each winter likely do not look forward to this inventory, fearful of what another harsh winter did to their property. Fallen tree branches, frozen ground and winter wind storms can do a number on even the most well-manicured lawns, turning a summertime labor of love into a nightmare.
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Rock Your World With River Stones

Looking to punch up the aesthetic value of your yard? Try adding an inviting stone patio, pathway or border. Stone blends well with all architecture and landscape styles and is far more appealing to the eye than boring, bland concrete.
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