Rock Your World With River Stones

Looking to punch up the aesthetic value of your yard? Try adding an inviting stone patio, pathway or border. Stone blends well with all architecture and landscape styles and is far more appealing to the eye than boring, bland concrete.

Rocks and stone have been used in landscapes for centuries. They add timeless style and enduring beauty. The longevity of the paving stones on the island of Crete, in place for thousands of years, speaks volumes about stone's durability in a landscape.

Adding stone to a yard naturally enhances the beauty of the landscape and brings balance between organic and inorganic materials.

Creating a stone path once required a large amount of time and sweat. Today stone hardscapes can be created quickly and easily with a product like Easy Gardener(R) River Stones.

The natural stone forms are made with Indonesian river stones. Stones are permanently attached to strong net and rubber backings with eco-friendly adhesives. The forms retain their shape and can be used to make stone pathways, patio surfaces, flowerbed borders and accents. This is one of those products people see and then ask themselves, "Where could I use those?"

The square tiles, rectangular mats and long, narrow borders are available in five colors -- blush, onyx, pearl, slate, sunset. Check them out at your local lawn and garden retailer or visit for more information.

The thought of adding a new stone walkway or patio can be overwhelming. It can be tough to visualize what it will look like when it is finished. Achieving the final look before permanent installation is simple with River Stones.

Place tiles, mats and/or borders on top of the ground in the planned patio or path area. If the configuration falls short of the envisioned addition, move the tiles, mats and borders around until the look is picture perfect. When the desired look is attained, grass can be removed and the River Stones placed in position. If the stone needs to be moved in coming years, relocate by lifting and moving to new site. Try doing that with a concrete hardscape!

Small splashes of stone can make a big statement when accenting existing structures. Use individual tiles and mats as doormats or planter holders. Multiple mats can be positioned as a runner down the center of a rustic outdoor table. A stone walking strip between a pool and existing concrete patio creates a natural, elemental transition between the areas.

Applications are not limited to outdoor landscapes. Stone can be used for indoor decor too. The River Stone tiles can be applied to indoor areas with the same techniques that are used in ceramic tile installation. Want a stone floor in your shower? Or a stone backsplash over your kitchen sink? You can do it!

It only takes a few hours, a bit of elbow grease, and a stack of River Stone tiles to add the timeless beauty and durability of stone to indoor decor and outdoor spaces.

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