Organic Fertilizing Finds the Fast Track

When you're facing a row of endless organic fertilizer choices in your local lawn and garden center, you may agree with Kermit the Frog's famous line, "It's not easy being green."

The popularity of organic fertilizer has grown proportionally with the confusion over how and why to use them and, more than anything, what "organic" actually means.

Organic simply refers to living organisms.

Organic fertilizers are made from previously living organisms and their waste products. Chemical fertilizers originate from synthetic sources. Chemical-based fertilizers work quickly because plants can take up their elements immediately, similar to the way humans rapidly metabolize simple carbohydrates like sugar.

Think of organic fertilizers as the complex carbohydrates of plant diets. Organic fertilizers work slower than chemical fertilizers because their complex parts have to break down in the soil before plants can absorb their nutrients.

This long, tedious process enriches soil composition and quality. This leads to healthier soil and happier plants ... and frustrated gardeners. They are patient folks, but sometimes they need quick results.

The makers of Jobe's® fertilizers have a new line of organic formulas that solve the waiting dilemma. New Jobe's® Organics Granular Fertilizer with BIOZOME™ have a fast-acting formula. They work as quickly as chemical fertilizers without damaging the environment.

To create healthy living soil, three microorganisms are necessary: bacteria, fungi and Archaea. In previous organic fertilizers, the fast-acting microorganism -- the Archaea -- has been missing. Although the microorganism occurs naturally, it has not been grown commercially until now. And the proprietary formula is available only in Jobe's Organics. It is called BIOZOME. The specialized formula rapidly breaks down organic material into basic minerals and trace elements that plants can absorb.

Mix Jobe's Organics with BIOZOME fertilizer into the soil, then water well, and the organic nutrients are ready to work their magic with the microbes in the ground.

The granular fertilizers are available in 11 varieties, including All-Purpose (4-4-4), Containers & Bedding Plants (3-5-6), Vegetables (2-7-4), Roses & Flowering Shrubs (3-5-3), and Trees & Shrubs (5-5-5). For more information, visit or call 800.327.9462.

The next time you're facing the fertilizer aisle, you need not be confused. Grab Jobe's Organics with BIOZOME and going green will be as quick and easy as possible.

Someone should tell Kermit. He may have to change his tune!

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