Recycled Soda Bottles Stop Weeds and Save Money

The popular conservation mantra Reduce, Re-Use, and Recycle finds root in your grandmother's sage advice -- "Waste not. Want not."

In the early 20th century, conservation and waste minimization were not social movements. They were necessities. Ten years into the 21st century, the wisdom and benefit of conservation is back in the forefront of American thought.

The lagging economy has many people questioning how they can cut costs. A big hit to the home budget comes in maintaining a lush landscape. It is a great irony that keeping up green spaces can take a heavy toll on wallets as well as the environment.

Expenditures in the war on weeds are often high in time and money. Nobody wants weeds poking up their ugly heads up in the yard. Something has to be done!

The battle often turns to an expensive and deadly assault with chemical weapons. The herbicides may knock out weeds, but they also punch the pocketbook and introduce damaging elements to the environment.

There is a less expensive, more efficient, eco-friendly method for maintaining landscapes. Use landscape fabric. It is the secret to low-maintenance, chemical-free shrub and flower beds.

Breathable fabrics like new Commercial WeedBlock(R) Recycled block sunlight and prevent seed germination. If the weeds can't germinate, they can't grow. Then gardeners don't have to squander time pulling them or spend money on herbicides for spraying them.

Commercial WeedBlock(R) Recycled is a heavy-duty landscape fabric made from 100% recycled 2-liter plastic soda bottles. The eco-friendly fabric can be found in garden supply and retail stores or by calling 1-800-EASY-INC. Visit for more information.

It takes 27 bottles to make one roll, so using this fabric reduces waste by keeping plastic out of overflowing landfills.

A landscape fabric like Commercial WeedBlock Recycled also helps conserve water. The thin layer of pervious fabric slows surface evaporation and safeguards soil moisture.

Using landscape fabric is easy. Simply prepare the landscape bed, roll out fabric and spread over plants, cut an X shape in the fabric above plants, and pull the fabric down. Add a 2- to 3-inch layer of mulch over the fabric, and it will provide weed protection for years to come.

Switching from chemical weed control to a landscape fabric made from recycled bottles may seem like a small change, but it makes a large impact in the long run. Your grandmother's "Waste not. Want not" mentality just may be the best way to weather the latest economic downturn and protect the planet.

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