Hispanics Today

Hispanics by the Numbers

Hispanics have become the largest minority group in the United States, surpassing others as the fastest-growing segment of the population. Here are some key statistics.
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Immigrants Can Avoid Scams

When the subject of immigration is broached, it seems everyone has an opinion. Not everyone can agree on immigration policies for the country. However, one thing most people can agree on is that defrauding immigrants is wrong.
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Influential Hispanic Celebrities

In the last several years, Hispanics and Latinos have surpassed other minority groups to be one of the most influential cultural groups in the United States. This influence can be seen throughout the arts, be it at the movies or throughout the music industry.
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Did You Know?

The states with highest population of Hispanics span three time zones and regions of the country. In the western United States, California is home to more Hispanics than any other state, with 13.1 million Hispanic residents.
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Biography: Jaime Escalante

Bolivian-born math teacher Jaime Escalante helped students from an impoverished, failing Los Angeles school to pass an important math exam and change their lives.
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Current Economy Hurting Hispanics

Although much of the country is feeling the financial crunch of today's economy, perhaps Hispanics are feeling the pain just a little more.

The 47 million Hispanics in the United States generally earn less than their other working counterparts. This means they're already working hard to make ends meet. Enter job cuts and controversy over immigration, and it can make life for the average Hispanic that much more stressful.
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