Current Economy Hurting Hispanics

Although much of the country is feeling the financial crunch of today's economy, perhaps Hispanics are feeling the pain just a little more.

The 47 million Hispanics in the United States generally earn less than their other working counterparts. This means they're already working hard to make ends meet. Enter job cuts and controversy over immigration, and it can make life for the average Hispanic that much more stressful.

Roughly three-quarters of the country's illegal immigrants are Hispanic. More intense scrutiny of immigrants propelled by a straining economy and competition for jobs could add to the worries of Hispanics.

According to recent reports, unemployment is rising faster among Hispanics than the rest of the U.S. population as the economy slows down. This is largely due to the subsequent housing crash. Much of the Hispanic workforce is concentrated in construction. As fewer homes are being built, or homeowners are scaling back on home improvements, small businesses or individual construction workers are realizing the impact.

However, it's important to point out that it isn't all depressing news concerning Hispanic workers. Those in nursing are still finding opportunities to earn a living. Plus, many companies are still hiring bilingual individuals to meet the growing needs of serving the Hispanic community.