Improve Well-Being of Hispanics

As the Hispanic population within the United States continues to grow, so, too, does the concern that many Hispanics, particularly illegal immigrants, could be in danger should they need health care. As the immigration debate rages on, the concern is that illegal immigrants in need of medical treatment may not seek it out for fear of deportation.

Recognizing the need everyone has for adequate health care, the National Alliance for Hispanic Health aims to improve the health and well-being of Hispanics. The nation's oldest and largest network of Hispanic health and human service providers, the Alliance's community-based members reach more than 15 million Hispanic consumers throughout the U.S.

Among the Alliance's many goals is health care reform that leads to the recruitment, education and placement of bilingual, bicultural providers throughout the health care system. Such a plan could very well result in a healthier Hispanic community. Another goal of the Alliance is to ensure access to quality health care to all persons and families regardless of socioeconomic status. This includes the elimination of legal barriers to coverage for legal immigrants.

Hispanics with medical questions can visit the National Alliance for Hispanic Health Web site at