Famous First Achievements

It is quite an achievement to be the first person to do something in a particular field, even more so to be the first of a particular cultural group. Many Hispanic people throughout history have been the first of their race to tackle amazing feats or fulfill life-changing accomplishments. Here's a list of the firsts of several notable people.

U.S. Military

* U.S. Navy Admiral: David G. Farragut, 1866.

* U.S. Army General: Richard E. Cavazos, 1976.

* U.S. Four-Star Admiral: Horacio Rivero, 1964.

U.S. Government

* Senator: Octaviano Larrazolo, 1928 (New Mexico).

* Treasurer: Romana Acosta Banuelos, 1971-1974.

* Secretary of Transportation: Federico Pena, 1993.

* Presidential candidate: Bill Richardson, 2008.

* Supreme Court Justice: Sonia Sotomayor, 2009.


* Astronaut: Franklin Chang-Diaz, 1986.

* Female Astronaut: Ellen Ochoa, 1991.


* English language novel: Maria Amparo Ruiz de Burton, 1872, for "Who Would Have Thought It?"

* Pulitzer Prize for Fiction: Oscar Hijuelos, 1990, for "The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love."


* Opera star: Lucrezia Bori, 1912.

* Rock star: Richie Valens, 1958.

* Inductee to Rock & Roll Hall of Fame: Carlos Santana, 1998.


* Best Actor Oscar: Jose Ferrer, 1950.

* Hollywood Director: Raoul Walsh, 1914.

* Tony Award, Best Director: Jose Quintero, 1973.

* Oscar and Tony for Best Supporting Actress: Rita Moreno, 1961, 1975.

* Network television star: Desi Arnaz.