"Winter Blues" Might Be Something More Serious

The arrival of the New Year brings with it many things besides just a turn of the calendar. A time for reflection, resolutions and looking forward, the New Year represents a clean slate, one many will welcome after a rather tumultuous 2009.
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Look Your Best for the Big Day!
Wedding Weight
Loss Tips

Getting married can be a huge motivating force for losing weight and shaping up.
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Keeping Asthma Under Control

A new nationwide telephone survey of 1,001 asthma patients found that while most patients with asthma understand the risks associated with uncontrolled asthma, they don't always act accordingly.
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Maintaining Healthy Weight a Several-Step Process

Arguably the most difficult thing about losing weight isn't losing the weight itself, but keeping it off once it's been lost. Those who have struggled with their weight often admit their weight fluctuates regularly, illustrating the struggle that maintaining a healthy weight can present.
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How to Sled Safely

Children look forward to snow days for the break from school and the chance to venture out into the snowy white wilderness -- even if that just may mean your own backyard.

A popular snow day pastime is to go sledding. What should be an enjoyable day with family and friends could turn into a trip to the doctor if safety precautions are not taken.
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Tackling Childhood Obesity

Obesity is now among one of the most widespread medical problems for children and adolescents. The American Obesity Association reports that about 15 percent of adolescents (aged 12 to 19 years) and children (aged 6 to 11 years) are obese in the United States. Doctors say that obesity among children is one of the country's greatest health challenges.
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End Dinnertime Drama for Picky Eaters

Many parents face a battle of wills around the dinner table. Fights over food are a common stress of raising children.

Kate Kelly, Managing Editor for American Baby Magazine, has said that 50 percent of parents report their children are picky eaters and worry that they're not getting balanced nutrition. However, the Mayo Clinic notes that, over the course of a week, even the pickiest of children likely gets a variety of nutrition in his or her diet and not to overly worry about what's being eaten.
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