Tips to Shed Those Holiday Pounds

The holiday season is a time of year with many traditions, from family outings to the local Christmas tree farm to get-togethers over holiday meals to gift exchanges with coworkers. However, not all traditions are as popular as gift giving or Christmas vacations.

One such tradition that many would like to avoid is packing on a few extra pounds during the holiday season. While that's certainly the healthiest decision to make, it's also the most difficult, particulary for those who find themselves spending ample time attending the host of holiday-themed social gatherings throughout the season. For those who find themselves looking to shed a few extra pounds each January, the following plan should help accomplish that first goal of the New Year.

* Practice portion control. Oftentimes, many people don't have a problem with what their eating, but how much they're eating. Resolving to avoid certain items is likely going to increase desire for those items, which is a recipe for overindulgence should you eventually cave in. When it comes to holiday foods, simply manage your portions and eat every meal in moderation.

* Don't save up your calories. Though it might seem like it doesn't matter when you get your 2,000 calories a day, it actually does. For example, you can't forgo breakfast and lunch with the idea of cashing in on your daily calorie intake at dinner. You will end up overeating under such a circumstance, and it's also unhealthy to skip meals.

* Consider that you might just be thirsty. The symptoms of dehydration can be quite similar to those of hunger, as the stomach will make noise when you're dehydrated just as when you're hungry. If you find your stomach growling shortly after eating a meal, there's a strong chance you need a glass or two of water. Dehydration can also make you feel fatigued, so keep up your energy by staying hydrated throughout the day.

Another tip is to drink water while cooking. This will help you avoid overeating when the dinner you've been cooking is finally served. Cooks also commonly eat while they're cooking, but having a glass or two of water could be a good replacement for such unnecessary snacking.

* Don't overeat because everyone else is. Nearly every adult recalls doing something foolish as a child just because friends were doing it as well. And Mom or Dad likely said something like, "If Timmy jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge, would you do that, too?" The same principles can be applied to weight loss as well. Just because others are still indulging after the holiday season, be it with leftovers or just everyday meals, doesn't mean you can also afford to do so. It can be hard to stop overeating after spending the holiday season doing just that, but in the long run it will pay off, and you'll be better off for having done so.

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