Halloween Traditions and Customs Throughout History

In the United States, Halloween is often seen as a time to dress up in costume and fill up on sweets. However, throughout history, Halloween has inspired a variety of customs and traditions across the globe.

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Famous Haunted Homes Across America

Halloween fanatics are often on the lookout for homes or locales with a history of being haunted. While it might be scary to chase down ghouls, for some the thrill is simply too fun to ignore. Those on the lookout for haunted homes this Halloween should consider the following destinations, each of which is reportedly haunted.
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Black Cat Folklore

Black cats have long been associated with Halloween, and frequently found in myths and folklore. Some people believe that black cats are witches' familiars, or close companions. Others think that black cats are witches reincarnated.

In the Middle Ages, black cats were regarded as evil. Perhaps because cats are largely nocturnal, and beings of the night are often feared.
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Vampire Bats Not to be Feared

Myths abound of blood-sucking bats that prey on people. Even the notorious blood-sucker himself, Dracula, turns into a fluttering bat in some versions of the story. This further compounds the myth that bats seek out unsuspecting people for a tasty meal.
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Little-Known Halloween Trivia

Halloween has been celebrated for centuries. Still, most people simply think it's about dressing up and scouring the neighborhood for candy. A true Halloween lover knows the tasty tidbits of information about the holiday's history and customs.

The holiday of Halloween has been celebrated for 2,000 years and dates back to the ancient Celts who inhabited Britain. They practiced a Druidic fire festival called "Samhain."
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Halloween Film Favorites

Though no holiday season has inspired more films than the Christmas season, Halloween is no stranger to the silver screen. While the horror movie genre has experienced a rebirth of sorts over the last decade, the following ... » Read More

October 31 More Than Just Halloween

Ask most people what's so special about October 31 and the response will likely be something similar to "It's Halloween!" While Halloween gets the most attention every October 31, that day has played host to lots of other significant events as well.
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