Celebs and Notable Characters Still Popular Costume Choices for Halloween

Arguably the most enjoyable part of Halloween is witnessing the different costumes revelers wear while trolling for candy. Over the years, costume trends have favored celebrities or notable characters from television and movies. Last year, celebrity consulting firm Octagon First Call Celebrity Acquisition and Activation surveyed 200 participants asking who and what they wanted to see in the upcoming Halloween season. The more notable findings included the following.

* Since-deceased celebrity pitchman Billy Mays and the Geico Caveman were the Brand Character or Spokesman people most wanted to see last Halloween. The Geico Gekko finished third in that category.

* Hannah Montana was the most popular choice in the Licensed Kids Character category, followed by Dora the Explorer and characters from the book and film "Where the Wild Things Are."

* In the Celebrity Mistake/Tragedy category, current pop star Kanye West narrowly beat the King of Pop Michael Jackson. Jackson's mid-2009 death inspired many Halloween tributes, while West's host of infamous incidents, both in 2009 and in years prior, no doubt made him a more popular choice among Halloween revelers.