9 Ways to Make Halloween Safer

Halloween is a time for people young and old to enjoy a little mischief and mayhem. To make the holiday even more enjoyable, revelers can heed a few tips to make Halloween as safe as it is fun.

1. Use face paints instead of masks that obscure vision.

2. Wear reflective tape on darker costumes or when trick-or-treating at night.

3. LED lights or glow sticks are a safer alternative to lit candles. Some lights even flicker to offer the appeal of candles.

4. Trick-or-treat in a group and never alone.

5. Take a planned route and don't wander off the path.

6. Be sure costumes are not tripping hazards.

7. Costumes on young children should be age-appropriate and free of hazards, such as strings that can strangle or small parts that can choke.

8. Stick to trick-or-treating in trusted neighborhoods.

9. Be extra-cautious of cars when walking at night.