Vehicle Maintenance

Stocking Vehicle Roadside Repair Kit

Regardless of a vehicle's age, a roadside emergency can occur at any time. Drivers should be prepared with a basic kit of tools and equipment to get the car back on the road as soon as possible.

At the very least, a roadside emergency can be an a minor inconvenience. At the worst, it can compromise the safety of the driver and passengers. Anything from a blown-out tire to an overheated engine can necessitate pulling over for a quick fix. Having the right tools can make the process go far more smoothly and help drivers avoid the seemingly endless wait for service personnel to arrive.
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Sports Cars Getting Greener

Most people choose muscle cars or stylish roadsters for their appearance and performance, not necessarily for their gas mileage. But more sport cars are being redesigned to be more fuel efficient, making them a stylish and more environmentally sound choice.
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Tonneau Covers Can Save Pickup Drivers Money

Studies have shown that a tonneau cover installed aftermarket can lead to substantial savings on fuel for pickup truck drivers. In an era when fuel prices continue to fluctuate, drivers will no doubt jump at any opportunity to save some money.
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Tire Tread Test

t used to be that to check tire tread wear, a driver inserted a penny into the tread gap. If you couldn't see the top of Lincoln's head, the tire tread was adequate -- or more than 1/16 of an inch.
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Replace Air Filters for Improved Vehicle Performance

A sluggish car could mean any number of things, each of which could be expensive. But drivers often overlook an inexpensive part of the car's mechanics that can be contributing to slower acceleration and overconsumption of fuel -- the air filter.

A vehicle has air filters and fuel filters that help to remove impurities and promote better engine performance. Over time, these filters can become clogged with grime and debris.
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