Road Safety

How to Drive in Dangerous Conditions

Individuals who live in areas of the country where the temperature and weather changes throughout the seasons have to adapt their driving to meet the road conditions. Weather-related accidents are some of the most prevalent but can be largely prevented if the proper driving techniques are followed.

Some of the more dangerous driving conditions include heavy rain that causes hydroplaning, driving on ice and driving in heavy snow.
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Practice Safe Driving on Rural Roads

Lions and tigers and bears ... oh my! It's probably a safe bet that a driver navigating North America's rural roads will not experience lions and tigers, but bears, deer, livestock, and other animals certainly are a possibility.

Individuals who live in rural areas become accustomed to the subtleties of driving rural roads. However, those who are visiting the countryside on vacations or road trips may be less tuned-in to keep an eye for any animals with whom they might be sharing the road.
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'BSTS': Texting While Driving Not a Smart Idea

It's a common visual: A driver glances to the car that's pulled up alongside it at a stoplight to find that driver with cell phone in hand typing a message on the keypad. Many drivers do not even wait until coming to a stop before texting -- they simply do so while keeping up with traffic, a danger that's causing accidents on the country's roadways.
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Hitchhiking Dangers

Hitchhiking is a phenomenon that dates back decades, if not centuries. For ages people have been hitching rides with strangers when other transportation proves unavailable. But is it safe? It most cases it's best to avoid hitchhiking, say experts.
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Avoid Metropolitan Accidents

Many people find the allure of the big city too hard to resist. In addition to more employment opportunities, large metropolitan areas typically offer more convenience than their suburban counterparts. As a result, metropolitan roadways are often busy.
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Pedestrians Should Share the Road Safely

Pedestrians are at a major disadvantage when it comes to going up against a large, heavy vehicle. Chances are, should a collision occur, the vehicle will win. That is why pedestrians should be on guard when sharing the road.

There are many laws that indicate that drivers should yield to pedestrians. However, such laws aren't always heeded. Pedestrians should always be on guard because it can be difficult for drivers to see a person on the side of the road, crossing an intersection, or traversing the streets.
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Travelers Can Play It Safe on Road Trips

Planning a road trip is an undertaking thousands make every year. A road trip can be the ideal way to spend a vacation and see the country. Just as important as the route and destinations are the safety precautions drivers should take.
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Safety Tips When Kids Ride Along

Vehicle accidents account for thousands of injuries to young childrenevery year. Safety is of the utmost importance when children are riding in any vehicle.
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