Consumer Tips

Red Flags to Look for When Buying a Used Car

Buying a car can be a nerve-wracking experience. Many people are aware that a vehicle's value decreases dramatically once it's driven off the lot, which only adds to the nervousness many people feel when committing so much money to a new vehicle.
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Love It or Lease It
Benefits of Buying and Leasing Vehicles

Shopping for a new vehicle can be as agonizing as it is exciting. Though it can be fun to find and drive a new vehicle, it can also be nerve-wracking, particularly if the vehicle has a high price tag.

As any buyer knows, there are always options when it comes to finding a new car. Those options are buying and leasing. Each has its distinct advantages and disadvantages, and buyers should consider the pros and cons of each before making a commitment.
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Financing 411
Your Rights As a Borrower

As vehicle costs continue to escalate, buyers still appear very fond of financing. Financing allows buyers to acquire a new vehicle without paying for it all at once. Instead they obtain a loan that enables them to make monthly installments, after the last of which they will officially own the vehicle.
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Maximizing Vehicle Resale Value

Depreciation is a major factor in buying and selling a vehicle. The average auto can lose 30 percent of its value after the first year. After three years -- the duration of most leases -- the car's value may have decreased by as much as 50 percent. Those looking to sell or trade-in cars will need to emphasize maintenance to get the most for their vehicle.
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Did You Know?

Although automotive sales slumped last year and continued to do so through the early part of 2010, certain models remained popular. Here's the top 10 purchased vehicles in the U.S. through 2009.
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Harley Could Say Farewell to Milwaukee

Harley-Davidson has been calling Milwaukee, Wisconsin home for more than 100 years. However, the famed motorcycle-maker is considering moving shop if it cannot figure out ways to reduce labor costs.
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These Autos Top Thieves' Hit Lists

Each year, a list of the most stolen vehicles is compiled. For another year in a row, the Cadillac Escalade tops the list.

Although every vehicle has the potential to be stolen, some are prized more heavily than others as status symbols or for parts.
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Selecting a Teenage Driver's First Car

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among U.S. teenagers, accounting for more than one in three deaths, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The good news is that, with a sturdy car and some well-ingrained safety lessons, many of these crashes are largely preventable.
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Auto Sales Have Recovered a Bit

The major automotive retailers reported in July 2010 that sales improved from previous months, indicating that the automotive industry may not be as doomed as once predicted.

As the recession continued throughout 2009, car sales dipped considerably. With fewer dollars in their pockets, consumers decided to pass up purchasing or leasing a new ride. But it seems that some brands are recovering. Even the recall-plagued Toyota reported increased sales of about 20 percent. Four brands from GM -- Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac -- were also up about 25 percent.
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Discontinued Car Brands

Like all things in life, vehicles often have a life expectancy. After years of loyal service, brands are discontinued and favorite cars go to that engine-revving place in the sky.
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New Scholarship for Women Pursuing Retail Automotive Careers

The General Motors Women's Retail Network is launching a scholarship program to encourage women to consider a career in automotive retail.
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