Harley Could Say Farewell to Milwaukee

Harley-Davidson has been calling Milwaukee, Wisconsin home for more than 100 years. However, the famed motorcycle-maker is considering moving shop if it cannot figure out ways to reduce labor costs.

Milwaukee has long been known as the city that played host to Harley Davidson and Miller Beer, and residents are proud of their beer and bike history. However, with mergers and sell-offs of the beer companies in past years, Harley is the last vestige of the city's famed identity. Losing the bike company would be another crippling blow to the local economy.

Harley is considering moving production jobs elsewhere and simply keeping company headquarters and roughly 1,600 manufacturing jobs in Wisconsin. Apart from the impact on local workers, tourism to Milwaukee may decline. Many people flock to the city simply to see where Harleys are made.

Just why is Harley thinking of moving operations? Company spokesman Bob Klein has said that Harley wants to remain faithful to its Milwaukee heritage, but production needs to be coordinated better with seasonal demand. This is a change that would need approval by labor unions. Negotiations began in July and decisions are supposed to be made before the end of the year.

Harley-Davidson in the Movies

It's iconic status has made Harley-Davidson not just a fan of motorcycle enthusiasts, but an unlikely star of many American films. Hollywood and Harley have had a love-hate relationship throughout the years, but it's hard to deny the appeal of seeing a Harley in a Hollywood film.

Many movies throughout time have featured the famed Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Here are just a few that will take anyone down memory lane.

* "Easy Rider" (1969)

* "Harley-Davidson and the Marlboro Man" (1991)

* "Terminator 2: Judgement Day" (1991)

* "Pulp Fiction" (1994)

* "X-Men 3: The Last Stand" (2006)

* "Ghost Rider" (2007)