Auto Sales Have Recovered a Bit

The major automotive retailers reported in July 2010 that sales improved from previous months, indicating that the automotive industry may not be as doomed as once predicted.
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How to Drive in Dangerous Conditions

Individuals who live in areas of the country where the temperature and weather changes throughout the seasons have to adapt their driving to meet the road conditions.
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Replace Air Filters for Improved Vehicle Performance

A sluggish car could mean any number of things, each of which could be expensive. But drivers often overlook an inexpensive part of the car's mechanics that can be contributing to slower acceleration and overconsumption of fuel -- the air filter.

A vehicle has air filters and fuel filters that help to remove impurities and promote better engine performance. Over time, these filters can become clogged with grime and debris. A clogged filter cannot thoroughly do its job and impurities could be making their way into the engine and other systems of the car, compromising performance.
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