Home Safety

How to Avoid Do-It-Yourself Project Injuries

Tough economic times call for even tougher measures -- and for many homeowners this means getting hands-on with home improvement projects. Although DIY projects can save money in theory, they also may result in a trip to the hospital if safety precautions aren't followed.

According to recent statistics, 85 percent of homeowners are tackling projects around the house rather than hiring outside contractors. In this difficult economy, emergency rooms are seeing an influx of people coming in with injuries ranging from lacerations to puncture wounds from nail guns.
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Space Heaters Should be Used With Caution

Space heaters may seem like an excellent way to provide supplemental heat on chilly days. However, research points out that these units tend to be dangerous.

According to the National Fire Prevention Association, around one-third of fires in the home can be attributed to space heaters. They also account for three-quarters of fire-related deaths in U.S. homes.
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Do-It-Yourself Moving Tips

Certain tasks in life are synonymous with stress. Moving is one of those tasks. For those moving themselves, there are ways to reduce that stress and make the process easier.
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Renovate the Home in Lead-Safe Way

Homes that were built prior to 1978 may have the presence of lead. Homeowners thinking about home improvement renovations may want to consider taking extra safety precautions to prevent lead contamination.
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Residential Fire Sprinklers

Homeowners install smoke alarms to be alerted that a fire is present in the home. Few, however, actively install a system that can extinguish a fire promptly, saving family members and belongings from injury or damage.
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Plan Ahead for Natural Disasters

Natural disasters can strike without warning, leaving unsuspecting homeowners with thousands of dollars in home damage. Taking precautionary steps by planning ahead for potential harsh weather can help save heartache and money.
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Tips To Make Home Improvements Safer And Easier

Homeowners are increasingly hands-on when it comes to improving their homes. While it was once commonplace to call a contractor to do household repairs and renovations, nowadays more and more homeowners act as their own handyman.

Though often more affordable and rewarding, it is also more risky for homeowners to tackle projects themselves. Accidents are more likely to occur when a weekend warrior rather than a trained professional does the work. To help do-it-yourselfers work safely, Woodcraft offers the following tips.
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Make Gutter Cleaning Safer and Easier

Nobody enjoys gutter cleaning. Yet it's much more important than many homeowners think. Rain flowing over windows, doors, and siding can rot fascia as well as door and window framing. It can erode the soil around your home and damage its foundation, and also cause a wet basement, mold, and mildew. To help keep gutters operating properly and to protect your investment, try these tips:
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