Home Improvement

Improve Water Pressure

For those who have turned on a faucet to find a trickle or bathed under something more like a drip sprinkler than a shower, water pressure might be the culprit. Inadequate water pressure can be a nuisance. Remedying it could take a quick fix or a major overhaul.

There are many reasons for low water pressure. Diagnosing the problem is the key to fixing it. Here are some causes to consider.
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Beautiful Frederica Park Gazebo Adds Charm, Style and Increased Outdoor Living Space

When the St. Simons (GA) Land Trust was looking for a crown jewel for their new Earth-friendly Frederica Park Nature Trail, the choice was simple: a beautifully designed gazebo, constructed of sustainable, locally harvested lumber. The gorgeous structure, designed by Nathan Brock of Wiregrass Studio, Inc., now provides a peaceful, shaded respite to park visitors.

Creating this same peaceful spot is now within reach of homeowners as well: free plans for the Frederica Park Gazebo are now available via download at www.realoutdoorliving.com.
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Scaling Ivy ... Friend or Foe?

It's a common sight: Trailing ivy scaling the sides of homes. It can elicit an Old World feel and many homeowners like the look of ivy on their homes. But is it wise to have ivy growing on the home? It depends.

Ivy roots take hold in crevices and cracks. Generally, ivy is not strong enough to cause the cracks itself, which makes it safe for use on siding surfaces that are strong and secure. However, ivy can loosen siding materials that are already compromised, leading to trouble.
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