Do It Yourself

Create Sustainable Kitchens and Bathrooms

Not too long ago, the "green" bathroom or kitchen conjured images of avocado appliances or sea foam colored toilets. Today, however, "green" takes on an entirely new connotation. Kitchens and baths that employ environmentally conscious products and procedures are growing in popularity.

Individuals inclined toward green spaces may wonder just how to achieve a sustainable kitchen or bath. The concept lies in rooms that use less water and energy than traditional rooms.
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Rest Assured: Finding the Right Mattress

Overhauling a bedroom involves different renovations. Purchasing a new mattress is among the typical upgrades when refurbishing the bedroom.

It can be difficult to determine when it's time to buy a new mattress. An older mattress may still seem comfortable. Unlike a light bulb that burns out or an appliance that no longer works efficiently, detecting changes in mattress comfort can be a little more challenging.
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Create an Outdoor Living Space That Will Get Good Use

Many homeowners think an outdoor living space is one that can only be used during the warm-weather months. However, if done right, individuals can enjoy outdoor rooms for much of the year.
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Use the Right Tools for Autumn To-Do Lists

Ask any homeowner and he or she is bound to have a to-do list of little chores around the house that need to get done. These tasks are made much easier with the right tools.

Depending on individual skill level, many homeowners already have basic tools on hand, such as hammers and screwdrivers. Others may have a more extensive collection of tools available for projects, such as saws, sanders and electric drills.
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Why Do Windows Sweat?

When cooler weather arrives, homeowners often face a troublesome condition. Condensation forms on windows and can be a nuisance or even cause damage to the surrounding trim. There are reasons why sweating windows occur. Knowing the causes is the key to fixing the situation.
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Small Projects Add Up to Big Appeal

In this economy, homeowners are watching every penny. Just because money is tight doesn't mean every renovation plan has to be cast aside. Smaller projects can revitalize a room without a big investment.
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Finding Big Value In Small Projects

Despite the slight upturn in the housing market recently, many homeowners are wisely placing emphasis on cost-effectiveness and scaling back their home improvement projects. Though the economy appears to be creeping back, the nation's homeowners are still wary to commit big dollars to any one project.
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Banish Basement Dampness In a Single Weekend

Water entering a home's basement is very unpredictable. One minute the basement could be dry and the next there could be a river running through it. For homeowners, ignoring a water problem could prove costly and rob its residents of an otherwise enjoyable place to spend their time.

For concerned homeowners, protecting the basement from potential water damage is easier than you might think. Waterproofing a basement is a simple job that beautifies a space while protecting it against future damage from water. First, know what properties to look for in a waterproofer.
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Eliminating Painting Odors

Painting a room can give it a face lift in a day. While painting can have many appealing benefits, one of the project's pitfalls is the odor left behind. This can leave homeowners wondering how to reduce paint smells in the home.

The advancements of paint have led to many varieties of low-odor paints. However, even the most low-odor of the bunch will have some residual smell. What's more, homeowners retrofitting spaces that are older or who have used oil-based paints in the past may need to use a more potent paint to cover dark colors, block water infiltration or simply adhere to previous paint applications. These stronger paints tend to be more potent.
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