Tips To Make Home Improvements Safer And Easier

Homeowners are increasingly hands-on when it comes to improving their homes. While it was once commonplace to call a contractor to do household repairs and renovations, nowadays more and more homeowners act as their own handyman.

Though often more affordable and rewarding, it is also more risky for homeowners to tackle projects themselves. Accidents are more likely to occur when a weekend warrior rather than a trained professional does the work. To help do-it-yourselfers work safely, Woodcraft offers the following tips.

Be Prepared

Even the most seasoned DIYers get hurt from time to time, but being prepared for an unexpected accident is the key to avoiding a tragedy.

"A fully-stocked first aid kit is a must for every homeowner and DIYer," says home expert Danny Lipford who is host of the nationally-syndicated TV show, Today's Homeowner, and radio show, Homefront.

"Always have it handy wherever you're working. You'll be surprised at how often you'll need it. Plus, periodically check the kit and restock those items that are getting low."

It is also important to have a charged, portable or cellular phone within arm's reach at all times. While it's best to work with a partner, that's not always possible. Earlier this year, a Connecticut man's arm got stuck while he was mending a boiler. Trapped for two days, he eventually cut off his arm to save himself. Access to a phone might have saved his arm.

Select User-Friendly Products

Inexperienced amateurs often struggle because they choose the wrong tools or risk injury by using unfamiliar tools.

"The right tools make a job so much easier," Lipford adds. "Plus, they're safer to use because if you're using a tool not intended for the task, you increase your risk of injury. If you don't own the tool, consider renting it, particularly if it's relatively expensive and you plan to use it infrequently."

Choose easy-to-use products that promote safety, such as the Youngstown Glove Company's Anti Vibration Glove. The glove dampens shock and vibration, making it ideal for use with medium-to-large motorized tools, including chainsaws, weed eaters, edge trimmers, and more. With a unique wrist wrap designed to provide support and relieve arm tension, the glove ensures that homeowners won't weaken during a project. What's more, the extensive nonslip reinforcement on palm, fingers and thumb provides added grip to reduce the risk of injury, and the terry cloth thumb for wiping sweat and debris keeps workers focused.

The Kreg Deck Jig System offers an easy, safe way to create a beautiful, functional deck surface free of exposed fasteners and painful splinters. The jig's easy grip handle provides a secure hold and total control over every joint as the jig creates an incredibly strong wood-to-wood bond using precisely placed self-tapping screws. Three separate drill guides enable the deck builder to work like a pro to install deck boards, even in the hardest-to-reach areas.

Finish Without A Mishap

Many home improvement accidents occur when it appears a project is completed.

As homeowners confidently step back and admire their handiwork or resolve to clean up later, the risk of an accident increases. To be safe, step carefully and immediately put your work area in order, making sure tools are turned off.

For extra protection, use a SafeStart Systems SafetyGate™ Professional. It employs patented sensor technology that recognizes when tools are accidentally left on. An illuminated yellow LED light indicates when items are on but not in use, and a protective "gate" stops the flow of electricity, keeping tools from restarting while homeowners are away or otherwise occupied. Compatible with electric tools and home appliances, the SafetyGate is ideal for parents with young children.

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