Beautiful Frederica Park Gazebo Adds Charm, Style and Increased Outdoor Living Space

When the St. Simons (GA) Land Trust was looking for a crown jewel for their new Earth-friendly Frederica Park Nature Trail, the choice was simple: a beautifully designed gazebo, constructed of sustainable, locally harvested lumber. The gorgeous structure, designed by Nathan Brock of Wiregrass Studio, Inc., now provides a peaceful, shaded respite to park visitors.

Creating this same peaceful spot is now within reach of homeowners as well: free plans for the Frederica Park Gazebo are now available via download at

As more and more homeowners search for cost-effective yet attractive ways to add more value to their current home, the popularity of backyard projects continues to grow, even past the traditional outdoor season.

"People tend to associate their outdoor living space as a fun spot during the spring and summer," explains Brad Staggs, HGTV and DIY show host and a licensed contractor. "There are so many ways to extend the use of your outdoor living area well into fall and winter, too -- it's a great time to get outside with family and friends and enjoy the cooler weather, beautiful fall colors and changing seasons."

Consider these additional projects to extend the time spent outdoors with your family: a beautiful wood deck, a porch swing, a picnic table or perhaps some nice planter boxes, brimming will fall blooms.

Once you decide to build the Frederica Park Gazebo, or any other outdoor living project, do your homework when it comes to choosing building products. The market is flooded with options right now, but which one is right for you? For strength, durability, beauty and the best environmental choice, choose pressure-treated wood. Every project listed above can be completed using pressure-treated wood, and you won't break the bank in the process.

According to Staggs, "It's always a good idea to use treated lumber in projects that will be exposed to ground contact or outdoor elements on a consistent basis. And the strength and durability of real wood ensures that your project will be around for years to come."

In addition, choosing pressure-treated wood is a strong environmental decision. The majority of pressure-treated wood available in big-box retailers or through independent lumber dealers will be locally grown wood from sustainably managed forests. Wood is a natural, authentic resource, and our forests are in better shape today than they were a century ago.

Worried about the maintenance of a real wood structure such as a gazebo or deck? No need; while no product intended for outdoor use is truly maintenance free, real wood comes pretty close. Think of it as annual maintenance for your backyard: just as you clean your house or wash and wax your car to keep them maintained, check your backyard structures once a year for any nail pops or wood damage. More information on what to look for and how to treat it quickly is available in the Authentic Deck Guide, available for free download at

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