Finding Big Value In Small Projects

Despite the slight upturn in the housing market recently, many homeowners are wisely placing emphasis on cost-effectiveness and scaling back their home improvement projects. Though the economy appears to be creeping back, the nation's homeowners are still wary to commit big dollars to any one project.

Homeowners are embracing projects that don't sacrifice quality for the sake of saving money. Understanding the importance of maintaining a home's value, these cost-conscious homeowners are finding that traditionally big budget projects are not the sole means to retaining a home's value, and may actually deter prospective buyers.

Laminate: The 'new luxury countertop solution'

Evidence is beginning to suggest that small-budget projects might be lead the way to recovery.

The most popular area of the home for those small-budget remodels is the kitchen. While granite was once considered the gold standard for countertops, aspiring remodelers are increasingly turning to laminate for their kitchen updates to keep the price down while still achieving a designer look.

The trend of seeing laminate as a smart choice over granite, solid surface and quartz materials is growing more popular among even affluent homeowners. Recognizing this, Wilsonart has combined its renowned AEON™ Enhanced Performance technology with stunning Wilsonart HD® High Definition® laminate designs that mimic the look and feel of natural materials like marble and quarried stone at less than half the cost.

Depositing super-tough aluminum oxide particles in layers within the overlay sheet, AEON technology allows for superior durability and enhanced resistance to scratching, scuffing and marring, making these High Definition designs up to four times more wear resistant than the industry standard.

No need to 'sink' your budget into countertops alone

There's a lot more to kitchens than just countertops, and homeowners are finding ways to complete "The Look" with decorative edges as well as the all-new Wilsonart HD® integrated sinks. This lineup of stylish, molded acrylic sinks is specifically designed to be integrated into laminate countertops, providing affordable access to another "luxury" detail. Thanks to the Wilsonart HD Sinks, homeowners can now bring a new dimension to their kitchen countertop, integrating the top, edge and sink into a complete, captivating piece.

Wilsonart HD Sinks offer a deeper, more spacious bowl, leaving more room for pots and pans. The integrated faucet deck holds soap and sponges while ensuring water flows downward into the sink. In addition, thanks to the drain's position at the back of the sink, homeowners love the increased storage space under the kitchen sink.

Professionally installed in a Wilsonart HD Laminate countertop to eliminate the trapping of dirt and moisture, Wilsonart HD Sinks are stain-resistant, heat-resistant and renewable, providing a look that was once exclusive to more expensive solid surface and stone countertops.

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