Create an Outdoor Living Space That Will Get Good Use

Many homeowners think an outdoor living space is one that can only be used during the warm-weather months. However, if done right, individuals can enjoy outdoor rooms for much of the year.

Creating a comfortable, intimate and private outdoor space offers a spot to which a person can retire after a long day -- especially a person who enjoys the delights of Mother Nature. Outdoor rooms can be customized depending on the space one has, meaning homeowners or renters with any size yard or patio area can enjoy an outdoor room.

Starting the project first requires determining where the outdoor space will be situated. Most people prefer to keep it close to the house for easy access. It's also important to consider how many seasons will be enjoyed outdoors. This will determine the accessories needed. For example, those who want to stretch outdoor living into the late autumn may want to invest in a chiminea or outdoor fireplace to provide a focal point and warm place to converge when the weather is brisk. Those who only desire a summer area may want an arbor or pergola to keep the area cooler when the sun is scorching.

Keep in mind that this area of the outdoors should be private; otherwise it probably won't be used much. Plants, trellis, garden structures, and other elements can help to keep the area blocked off from prying eyes. Bamboo is a fast-growing grass that will make an effective privacy screen.

Next, consider plants that provide aesthetic appeal. If the outdoor room will be used for three seasons, use a variety of plants that will ensure blooms all year long. Consider plants that will feed wildlife and attract butterflies and birds. Greenery tends to create a relaxing space. Don't forget a few evergreen shrubs or trees if the space will be enjoyed past the summer.

Think about comfortable furniture to add to the space. Stores sell so many different varieties of outdoor furniture, from traditional patio sets to chaises and sofas that rival ones that would normally be found indoors. Accessorize as one would inside, adding side tables, throw pillows (in weather-resistant fabrics) and ottomans. The goal is comfort and convenience.

Don't forget lighting. While there's bound to be plenty of sunlight during the day, individuals who want to sit outdoors at night should think about wired or solar lighting. Candles or a fire in a fire pit also can provide ample illumination.

Homeowners going above and beyond can shield the outdoor room from the elements even further by building a screened-in outdoor space. This will help keep bugs at bay and provide shelter if it rains. Use curtains or shutters to give the area a cozy appeal.