Do It Yourself

Use the Right Tools for Autumn To-Do Lists

Ask any homeowner and he or she is bound to have a to-do list of little chores around the house that need to get done.
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Home Improvement

Scaling Ivy ... Friend or Foe?

It's a common sight: Trailing ivy scaling the sides of homes. It can elicit an Old World feel and many homeowners like the look of ivy on their homes.
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Advertiser Spotlight

Tips To Make Home Improvements Safer And Easier

Homeowners are increasingly hands-on when it comes to improving their homes. While it was once commonplace to call a contractor to do household repairs and renovations, nowadays more and more homeowners act as their own handyman.

Though often more affordable and rewarding, it is also more risky for homeowners to tackle projects themselves. Accidents are more likely to occur when a weekend warrior rather than a trained professional does the work. To help do-it-yourselfers work safely, Woodcraft offers the following tips.
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