Popular Majors Among Today's College Kids

Today's college students are tomorrow's employees. And as any former college student knows, choosing a major can be a difficult decision.

While the decision is important, it's equally as important for college students to recognize that not everyone ends up working in the field in which they earned a degree. Though money is often a reason to change fields, college students should look for majors that are intellectually challenging and engaging and not just those that offer the biggest potential payday down the road. According to the Princeton Review, the following are some of the most popular, though not necessarily lucrative, majors among today's college students.

* Business Administration and Management/Commerce: Business majors get a solid foundation in the theories and principles of finance, marketing, accounting, and economics. Learning to manage all kinds of organizations, from tiny start-ups to major corporations, makes this major one of the more versatile and challenging majors for students.

* Psychology: Psychology majors learn about the biology of the brain, with the major focusing on cognition, intelligence, motivation, emotion, perception, and other areas of the human mind. Those fascinated by human behavior might prefer to major in psychology, as psychologists desire to educate, communicate and resolve issues pertaining to human behavior.

* Education: Education continues to be a popular major, and education majors learn different methods to educating and inspiring students. Most states will require education majors to choose a specific grade level they prefer to teach, and majors often earn hands-on experience as student teachers during the course of their studies.

* Political Science and Government: The study of politics and government, political science teaches students critical thinking and communication skills, while studying history and culture as well. A political science degree is often a precursor to law school.