These 10 Gigs Pay Big Bucks

Workers scouring the want-ads in the United States may be interested in finding out which professions are the most lucrative.

While not everyone can be an astronaut or nuclear scientist, chances are that many others could eventually land a high-paying job with the right training and schooling.

10. Chief Executives: CEOs earn a whopping $144,000. New Jersey is one of the highest-paying states for chief executive officers.

9. Family doctors: The general practitioner earns about $149,000 each year.

8. Psychiatrists: Many might be skeptical of psychiatrists, but few would scoff at their $149,000 salary.

7. Prosthodontists: Individuals doing cosmetic dentistry and fitting dentures earn about $158,900 per year.

6. General Internists: Those who work on internal organs, such as gastroenterologists, earn $160,800. Louisiana internists earn the most.

5. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons: Need a wisdom tooth removed or jaw reconstruction? Then head to one of these surgeons, who take in about $164,700 each year.

4. Orthodontists: Oral doctors who specialize in braces and other orthodontics earn an average of $176,900.

3. OB-GYN: Treating the reproductive issues of women earns obstetricians and gynecologists an average of $178,000 a year. However, high malpractice insurance rates may put a dent in these earnings.

2. Surgeons: General surgeons can take in $184,000 a year. Some of the highest paid work in Wyoming.

1. Anesthesiologists: Because they are responsible for sedating patients with a powerful cocktail of drugs, anesthesiologists earn the most per year at $184,300. Move to Washington State to earn the most.