Did You Know?

According to the United States Census Bureau (USCB), more than 2 million couples get married each year in the United States. The average bride is a shade over 25 years of age, while the average groom is nearly 27-years-old. In a nod to the changing nature of society, one-third of those getting married each year have been married before. That's especially notable to those who make a living providing wedding services, be it reception halls, videographers, photographers, or others who make their living in the wedding industry. That's because the average wedding budget is roughly $20,000, meaning weddings, even for brides and grooms who have been down the aisle before, remain a costly expense for the participants and a lucrative venture for those in the industry. In fact, $72 billion is spent on weddings each year. To put that in better perspective, consider that only $8 billion per year is spent on honeymoons, meaning brides and grooms are liable to spend nine times more on their wedding than they are on their honeymoon. June and August remain the months of choice for ceremonies, as more weddings occur in June and August than any other month. However, while July is the third most popular month to walk down the aisle, September and even October are becoming increasingly popular according to the Association for Wedding Professionals International.
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