Making Memories: Unique Ways to Pop the Question

Many people, men and women alike, are on the prowl for unusual and memorable ways to propose marriage to their loved ones. The proposal can be simple, with just the two of you and a few props, or it can be based on an elaborate scheme requiring complex planning and numerous accomplices.

The key to a successful, out-of-the-ordinary marriage proposal is the element of surprise, so fitting a proposal into "normal" or everyday activities helps to keep your intended off guard. Here are some ideas that may inspire you to create an enduring and treasured memory for decades to come.

Public Performances

If you're feeling brave and are fairly sure the answer will be "yes," consider popping the question in front of hundreds, if not thousands of onlookers.

* Ask while at the movies, on the big screen! Most movie theaters have repeating advertising slides before the previews that can be purchased.

* If you're sports fans, let the scoreboard do the talking or make arrangements with the public address announcer at a sporting event.

* Skywriting or a plane flying a banner is an old-fashioned and romantic way to propose. You can both have an intimate and private marriage proposal, while still proclaiming your love to the world.

* Hang up a series of signs along the road your loved one regularly travels on their way to work or school, proclaiming your love and spelling out your intentions while you wait by the last sign with a ring.

The Game of Love

Take a chance and make your big move during a quiet evening of playing games or solving puzzles.

* Purchase a blank jigsaw puzzle and be creative. Work on the puzzle together with the ring ready the moment all the pieces fall into place.

* A game of charades with family or a few close friends is a perfect way to pop the question without your partner ever seeing it coming. "Four words, the first word sounds like..."

* There are different ways to spell it out using Scrabble tiles. Secretly pick out the right letters ahead of time and spill those special words from your tray, just as your partner reaches into the bag of tiles and pulls out a box containing the ring.

The Great Outdoors

Being outside, spending time together relaxing and sharing a common interest may be the perfect moment to surprise the one you love with the big question.

* While out fishing, sailing or at the beach, let your partner discover a bottle you prepared with your proposal message tucked inside.

* If golf is your game, have an accomplice ahead of you, hiding the ring at the 18th hole. When your intended reaches into the cup to retrieve their ball, you'll be ready with those four magic words, "Will you marry me?"

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