Tips for a Toast to Remember

Being asked to be someone's best man or maid of honor is an honor to be cherished.
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Discussing and Solving Debt with Your New Spouse

To be sure, gazing deep into the eyes of your future spouse and talking about the outstanding debts being brought into the marriage isn't very romantic.
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Wedding Dress for Success: Stay True to Your Personal Style

For most brides-to-be, the choice of a dress is among the first and most important decisions in planning a wedding. With thousands of choices in every price range, finding the perfect wedding dress can be a difficult and time-consuming process. But by making some decisions before setting foot in a store, the search will be both easier and a whole lot more enjoyable.
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Did You Know?

Personal style and preference aren't the only things that dictate certain wedding day decisions. In fact, a host of style guidelines exist to help brides and grooms make the right choices on their big day. For example, while a man might have a specific tuxedo style in mind for his wedding day, something such as the time of the ceremony can dictate which styles are appropriate.
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