Famous Breast Cancer Survivors

Celebrity may bring a person riches and fame, but it cannot protect against cancer. There are many famous women who have experienced breast cancer and beat the disease. Here's a look at some of them.

1. Suzanne Somers. The famous infomercial guru and former star of "Three's Company" battled breast cancer, facing controversy when she opted for holistic treatment over standard treatment.

2. Olivia Newton John. The Australian singer and star of the wildly popular movie, "Grease," was diagnosed in 1992. Newton John had a mastectomy and breast reconstruction.

3. Rue McClanahan. The late star of "Golden Girls" found a lump in 1997.

4. Linda Ellerbee A journalist and 1991 survivor, Ellerbee had a bilateral mastectomy.

5. Lynn Redgrave. The late Ms. Redgrave hailed from a family of actors. She was also a breast cancer survivor.

6. Anastacia. The pop singer was diagnosed in 2003 and now does her part for raising awareness.

7. Christina Applegate. The child and adult star underwent surgery to have both her breasts removed in an operation known as a prophylactic double mastectomy after experiencing cancer and discovering she carries the gene for it. She's learned from the experiences of her mother, a double breast-cancer survivor.

8. Melissa Etheridge. The singer is doing quite well after a 2004 diagnosis. She is well known for singing bald at a Janis Joplin tribute concert while undergoing treatment.

9. Kate Jackson and Jaclyn Smith. These two "Charlie's Angels" both survived breast cancer.

10. Edie Falco. The actress discovered the cancer in 2003 and secretly battled it.

11. Cynthia Nixon. The "Sex and the City" star was diagnosed in 2006 and first kept the news a secret for fear of being hounded by the paparazzi.

12. Sheryl Crow. The singer caught her breast cancer early in 2006 with a routine mammogram.

13. Kylie Minogue. The Australian singer almost missed the diagnosis until her intuition told her to be tested again. A partial mastectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation followed.

14. Robin Roberts. The news anchor discovered a lump in 2007 after a self-examination.

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