Pet Trends

Pet Supplies for the Environmentally Conscious

If you're making "green" changes in and around the house, you may want to extend earth-friendly living to your pet as well. Why shouldn't going green go to the dogs ... or cats, for that matter? By adopting earth-friendly pet practices, you can minimize negative impacts on the planet and enjoy your pet that much more.
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Pet Ownership Goes to the Birds

People who visit a store or breeder in the search of a pet bird may instantly become smitten with the larger breeds that interact more with their human companions. A bird like a macaw that can speak or a cockatoo that shows off impressive plumage can seem like the ultimate prize. However, many people do not realize that birds require specialized care and often strict diets. Therefore, before you bring home Polly because she can recite a few words, do your research into what bird would be best for your home.
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Planning Your Pet Party

Pet parents see their animals as members of the family who are entitled to all the same perks of a child or spouse. According to the Pet Manufacturers Association, roughly 4 million dog owners and 3 million cat owners report throwing a birthday party for their pet every year. Millions of other pet lovers are known to buy presents for their pets to mark special occasions.
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Explore the Possibility of Rabbits as Pets

Those who find they cannot share a home with a dog or cat may want to look to a rabbit as a pet companion. Rabbits are intelligent, sociable animals that can also be trained to live contentedly indoors with their human family.
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It's a Doggy Dog World ... For the Time Being

The age-old rivalry between "man's best friend" and the pet with "nine lives" continues. It seems this year the dog is edging out the cat as Americans' favorite pet.
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Dog Clothes More Than a Fashion Trend

Today, many dogs have a wardrobe that can rival that of a diehard fashionista. That's because many pet parents want to lavish attention on their pooch in unique ways. Those with the budget to do so are choosing pet accessories and clothing in record numbers.

Pet retail sales in the United States top $35 million each year, say reports. A growing chunk of those purchases are going toward the booming pet clothing industry. What started out as a niche boutique market, has turned into a national obsession, with many mainstream pet stores and supermarkets carrying clothing for dogs and cats.
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Plan a Pet-away This Season

Dreaming of a vacation? Maybe your pet is, too. When you book your travel details, be sure to take your pooch along. Today it is easier than ever to travel with your favorite companion. Follow these tips for an enjoyable vacation.
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