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Cat and Dog 'Tales' Debunked

Having a pet means wading through a lot of information about what is right or wrong for your animal. Through the years some misinformation has surfaced that many have taken as truth. To clear up some tall tales about household pets and their environs, check out these myths debunked.
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What's Better for the Planet: An SUV or a Dog

Robert and Brenda Vale, a New Zealand couple and specialists in sustainable living at Victoria University of Wellington, say that keeping a dog can be twice as harmful to the environment than having a fuel inefficient SUV.
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'Pet'tacular Facts

Dogs, cats, birds, hamsters ... whatever your choice pet companion, animals can enhance our lives. Here are some interesting facts about those pets we hold dear.
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Pets Can Make the Move, Too

As the economy continues to rebound, many families negatively affected by the sagging job market are beginning to rebound as well.

In many instances, part of that recovery process involves relocating to a different city with a more thriving job market. For families with pets, this can be a difficult transition. Finding a new home that accepts pets or a home that's equipped to handle a family that includes pets is not necessarily easy. For households facing such a dilemma, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) offers the following tips to ensure the family pet stays a part of the family when it comes time to move.
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Did You Know?

Although squirrels do live in captivity for research purposes, it is generally not adviseable to take one in as a pet -- even if it looks injured or abandoned. Squirrels need to run, climb, and forage for food to remain in good physical condition and happy.
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